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Request for a Form

An asterisk (*) indicates that you must complete the field in order for this form to be processed.


This form is used to request the development of any online form that will be used to collect data and/or process payments.

Forms can take up to three months to develop depending upon their complexity and how many prior requests for forms have been received. Please be sure to allow enough time for the creation of your form.  For basic forms that do not use e-Commerce, we need at least 4 weeks advance notice. More advanced forms or those requiring e-Commerce require 6 weeks advance notice.  This will ensure that your form is created in a timely manner and to your specifications and allow time for testing by our staff and yours.



All fields on this form should be completed as fully as possible.

This form requires that you upload a Word document that contains the form questions/fields.  Please have this document ready before completing this form.  In addition to the form questions/fields, the Word document must indicate:

  1. which fields are required
  2. whether someone can choose a single item or multiple items for a field
  3. preference for how a field is to be configured (i.e. drop-down menu, text fields, etc.).

If you want to revise an existing form, you will need to upload a Word document with the desired changes.  To do so, paste a copy of the form into a Word document and indicate which fields are being revised, deleted, or added.


Follow-up and Testing

Once your request is submitted, a web team member will contact you to further discuss your form and any other information that is needed.

After your form is created, you will be sent a draft version to review and to test prior to it going live.



If you need to navigate through this multi-page form, be sure to use the Previous Page or the Next Page button at the bottom of the form.  DO NOT use the browser's Back or Forward buttons.  (If you do, you will lose any info that was already completed for the fields on that page.)



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